Better Brew Bottle Drainer

Better Brew Bottle Drainer


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Bottle Drainer Tree 50

A handy, high quality time and space saving device for when storing or rinsing out bottles. This simple to construct bottle draining tree does really save time and space, with all the run-off water being caught in the tray below.

Approximate dimensions of the 50 bottle tree are:  Overall height 49 cm   Base diameter 37.5 cm

Bottle Drainer Tree 80

Dismantles into layers for easy storage. Points that the bottles slide over are approx. 50 mm long and 15 mm wide at the thickest part. Designed for use with plastic or glass bottles up to 1 litre in size (30cm long)

Overall height 66 cm   –  Base diameter 39 cm


5o Bottles, 80 Bottles


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