UKBrew Beer Making Kits

UKBrew Beer Making Kits

Ready in 21 days !

Just add sugar and water.

Makes 23 litres of up to ABV 5% beers in a variety of styles.

Yeast included in this 1.6kg kit.

Less packing = more environmentally friendly and less out.


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Pale Ale – Light full beer, perfectly balanced bitterness, full of flavor, clear citrus aroma, stable foam.

Czech Star Pils – Pronounced dominant, unobtrusive bitterness, palpable malty notes, strong dense foam.

Best Bitter – Light amber, strongly hopped. The most popular beer in English pubs. With this beer, of course, well-made, you are able to surprise any British very positively.

West Coast Wheat – Refreshing, slightly tart with a light color and appetizing foam.

European Lager – Clear hop notes, fluffy foam and good carbonation.

Mexican Cerveza – A light thirst-quenching beer with a well-balanced hop note with citrus accents – Mexican-style Corona beers. Stable foam, well carbonated beer, recommended especially on hot, sunny days.

India Pale Ale – Dominant hops, strong malty flavors with herbal and floral notes, unobtrusive bitterness, strong dense foam.

Real Ale – Classic barley beer. Light bitterness, long-lasting foam and this characteristic delicate flavor with a fruity note and a slight bitterness.

Dark Ale – Popular British top-fermented beer with a beautiful amber color, a mild flavor and a slight bitterness note, although with a strong accent of roasted malts.

Stout – It is a beer in which you will find palpable flavors, coffee, chocolate, roasted malt, which enhances sweet flavors. Wonderful bitterness guaranteed.


For fermentation, we strongly recommend using malt extract (dark or light) 1.7 kg in syrup or glucose (dextrose).

These are ingredients only kits. Equipment is not included.

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Lager, Special Lager, Pale Ale, Czech Star, Best Bitter, West Coast Wheat, European Lager, Mexican Cerveza, India Pale Ale, Real Ale, Dark Ale, Stout


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