puriFERM Turbo Yeast

puriFERM Turbo Yeast

Puriferm turbo yeast has been developed by the manufacturer of Alcotec. We are proud to stock this range, especially made for the professional small distiller.


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XXL – for 100 litres – 350g – For the professional user, Puriferm XXL delivers up to 18% alcohol in 100 litres of wash. Fermentation ready in 4-6 days, all you need is in the sachet, ready to use.

UK-3 – 112g – This turbo yeast can produce 17-18% alcohol, using 7 kgs of sugar to make 25 litres of wash. It is using a particular type of pure fermenting yeast which is also very temperature tolerant.

Carbon – 106g – This turbo yeast can produce 17-18% alcohol, using up to 7 kgs of sugar into 25 litres of wash. With addition of a high spec granular carbon, fermentation is almost odorless and the quality of the fermented alcohol is very high.

Fruit – 50g – This turbo yeast is perfect for making fruit wine or liqueurs. It contains a particularly fruity type of yeast and a nutrition with low temperature active pecotolytic enzyme chosen for its very good effect at yeast pitching temperatures.

“MOCKBA” – 140g – This is a peak performance turbo yeast, it is top of the Puriferm range. It will ferment 8 kgs of sugar (in 25L volume) to dryness in just under 5 days with a very clean result. It is also one of the few capable of creating more than 21% alcohol by fermentation.

UK-24 – 175g – The fastest turbo in the Galaxy, well worthy of the superhero logo. Makes up to 14% alcohol in 24 hours.

UK-48 – 128g  – This is the versatile all-round yeast in the Puriferm range, handling either superfast fermentations (14% in less than 2 days) or high alcohol fermentations up to near 20%. A real work horse in the 48 class of turbo yeasts.


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