Polish Turbo Yeast

Polish Turbo Yeast


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Szturm Turbo – 173g – is British distillery yeast based on a unique Polish recipe prepared with our native consumers in mind. They ensure extremely fast and strong fermentation of sugar and glucose settings. By using them, you can achieve amazing results – 14% alcohol in just 34 hours and even 21% alcohol in 6 days! This is probably the best answer to the needs of distillers who want to get high set power in the shortest possible time. Turbo fermentation is quite rapid, so follow the instructions carefully and do not close the container tightly or use a fermentation tube. Observe the right temperature, because overheating the setting may result in lower alcohol concentration.

Huzar Turbo150g – contain a newly developed formula specially prepared for the Polish market. Fermentation developed to the limit, so please follow the instructions very carefully. Otherwise the fermentation may overheat and which may result in lower alcohol concentration. Up to 14% in 36 hours or 20% alcohol in 4 or 5 days.

T34 Turbo – 173g – Turbo yeast T34 contain a specially developed formula prepared for the Russian market. Ultimately, you can get up to 20% alcohol in settings. 14% alcohol in 36 hours or 20% alcohol in 4 to 5 days.


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Szturm Turbo, Huzar Turbo, T34 Turbo, CCCP Turbo

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