Master Pint Beer Kit

Master Pint Beer Kit

Ready in 21 days

Just add sugar and water

Makes 23 litres of ABV 5% beer.

Yeast included in this 1.6kg kit.

Less packing = more environmentally friendly and less cost.


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Beer kit from especially selected liquid malt extracts and also containing varietal brewery yeast for top notch result. A budget range beer kit of top homebrew quality.

Master Pint beer kits are packed in a plastic standing pouch. This is to enable us to use a minimum of packaging material, both for our enviroment and for a better price. This is perfect for mail order as you cannot dent a pouch. Although it is a budget kit, we have not saved in on cheaper yeast. This kit contains brewery yeast, a little slower than cheap beer kit yeast, but it creates a much better result. Full instruction on back of pouch.


Lager 1.6kg – English style lager, with classical hop flavours and a refreshing finish. Serve cool. Alcohol: 5%.

Continental Lager 1.6kg -Well polished golden lager with superbly balanced hops, best served cool. Alcohol: 5%.

Pale Ale 1.6kg –  Golden thirst quencher with distinct hops and slightly malty character. Alcohol: 5%

Czech Pilsener 1.6kg – Crisp and golden, well defined hops, a European classic. Alcohol: 5%

Bitter 1.6kg – The perfect session beer, an amber delight. Alcohol: 5%

American Wheat 1.6kg – A light refreshing wheat  beer with good head retention and distinct flavours. Alcohol: 5%

European Lager 1.6kg – Typical North European Lager with slightly higher hop addition. Alcohol: 5%

Mexican Cerveza 1.6kg – Similar in style to the finest Mexican beers. A light beer with a fresh clean taste, ideally served cold. Alcohol: 5%

IPA 1.6kg – In style with the India Pale Ales that were developed with a high bitterness to withstand the long boat journey from England to India. Alcohol: 5%

Real Ale 1.6kg – This Traditional Real Ale gets its caramel flavours from a blend of malts and hops and the result is a refreshing beer, near its commercial equivalent. Alcohol: 5%

Stout 1.6kg – Deep brown/black colour, solid creamy head, taste of roasted malts with a touch of  dark chocolate malt. Alcohol: 5%


These are ingredients only kits. Equipment is not included.

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Bitter, Lager, Stout, Pale Ale, Mexican Cerveza, Real Ale, Dark Ale, Continental Lager, Czech Pilsner, American Wheat, European Lager, I.P.A.

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