Lalvin Wine Yeast 5g

Lalvin Wine Yeast 5g

Wine Yeast – 5g

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Lalvin Noveau (71B) -It is a wine yeast for nouveau-style wines. A specially selected strain that can be used for wine fermentation. In addition to color preservation, there are special radical benefits and a quick start of fermentation . LALVIN 71 B is very suitable for preserving color, red starter wine (Trollinger, Mlynářka).

Lalvin Champagne (EC-1118) – Yeast selected in Champagne is great for the production of champagne, sparkling wines, as well as for refermenetting wine in a bottle. This champagne strain is recommended for the production of white, red, pink wines and ciders but also mead and champagne beers. Yeast have quickly start, promote clarification and produce a compact precipitate. In addition, they produce moderately SO2. Also ideal for resuming stopped fermentation.

Lalvin White (ICV-D47) – Wine yeast strain used to produce Chardonnay and other white wines. Gives clear citrus and floral notes. The wine is full of flavor and aromatic.

Lalvin All Purpose (K1-V1116) – A popular yeast strain with a very universal use. Suitable for white and red wines, as well as for resuming stuck fermentation. It ferment well at low temperatures, even 10-13 ° C. They produce aromatic and crisp wines that maintain their taste qualities for a long time.

Lalvin Burgundy (RC 212) – Strain dedicated to red wines. They support obtaining and maintaining a deep red color. They produce wines with full flavor, with notes of berry fruit and subtle tones of herbs. Most often used for Pinot Noir wines.

Lalvin White (QA23) – Wine yeast recommended for white wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Chardonel and Gewürstraminer. Due to the low demand for nitrogen, it guarantees clean and safe fermentation. They ferment well at 15 ° C. They bring aromas of tropical fruit to wine.

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Wine Yeast






Wine Yeast


71B, EC-1118, ICV- D47, K1-V116, Bourgovin RC 212, QA23