Gervin Wine Yeast 5g

Gervin Wine Yeast 5g

Dried Yeast – 5g

One sachet is suitable for up to 25 litres of wine.


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The Gervin strains of yeast are used worldwide by the professional and amateur winemaker and beer maker and will always produce a top quality result!


GV1 – Universal: Ideal for all general wine types: Quick start, settles well, clean bouquet

GV2 – Robust: For full bodied red and white wines: Quick start, rapid ferment, low foam.

GV3 – Sparkling: Ideal for stronger sparkling and higher alcohol desert wines.

GV4  – High Alcohol: Low foam, very tolerant high alcohol wine yeast. Upto 21% Alcohol.

GV5 – White Fruit: Perfect for white fruit wines, ferments down to 8°C.

GV6 – Light Dessert: True Sauternes yeast, ferments down to  5°C , fruity and floral characteristics.

GV7 – Restart: Ideal for restarting a stuck fement with residual sugar.

GV8 – Burgundy: Ideal for Bordeaux/Claret style wines, ferments between  18-30°C.

GV9 – White Wine: For German style whites wines, also ideal for Rhubarb and Gooseberry wines.

GV10 – Light Sparking: Perfect for superior sparkling and rose wines.

GV11 – Red Fruit: Perfect for red fruit wines, produces fruity wines with a fine bouquet.

GV12 – Ale Yeast

Just sprinkle the contents of the sachet onto the surface of the prepared wine ‘must’ at room temperature.

No need to stir.



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GV1 Universal, GV2 Robust, GV3 Sparkling, GV4 High Alcohol, GV5 White Fruit, GV6 Light Dessert, GV7 Restart, GV8 Burgundy, GV9 White Wine, GV10 Light Sparkling, GV11 Red Fruit



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Cider, Wine

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Cider Yeast, Wine Yeast

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