Double Dragon Turbo Yeast

Double Dragon Turbo Yeast

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D48 Turbo Yeast 132g – Contains a special high alcohol yeast and nutrient for extreme alcohol content up to 21%.

D3 Turbo Yeast 93g –  Contains a robust alcohol tolerant yeast and nutrient for fast and reliable fermentations up to 17%.

Fruit Turbo Yeast 51g – Contains a special fruit yeast strain and includes enzyme for removing pection in the brew.

D- Star Turbo Yeast 68g – Contains an extremly pure yeast strain which reduces the amount of by- products in your alcohol.



D3 Turbo, D3 Carbon Turbo, Fruit Turbo, Rum Turbo, Vodka Turbo, Whisky Turbo, D-Star Turbo, D24 Turbo, D48 Turbo

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Turbo Yeast

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Turbgo, Turbo

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