Bulldog Brews Premium Beer Kit

Bulldog Brews Premium Beer Kit

Ready in 21 days.

Just add water – NO sugar required (except during priming)

Makes 23 literes of premium quality beer. Full instruction included.

ABV up to 7.5%.

Ingredients pack with hops included in this 4kg kit.


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Bulldog Brews beer kits are produced using unprecedented amount of only the finest ingredients available. They are using the best liquid malt extract from producers around the world combined with variental brewers yeast strains to achievie beers of stunning quality, true to the orginals. The finishing touch is the use of fresh pelletised hops to adjust flavour and aroma.


Bad Cat Imperial Red – Full bodied, bursting with malty flavours and powerful fruity and citrus hop aromas from the American Amarillo and Willamette dry hopping.

Strawberry Pale Ale – A delicious light ale with flavour of Strawberry and citrus from the Citra dry hopping.

Easter Chocolate Stout –  It is a very solid stout with heavy malty flavours and with a perfect dash of chocolate. We include finishing hops in teabag technology of course, for ease of use.

Four Finger Jack American Pale Ale – It is a true craft beer kit, created with a very generous dose of American Centennial and Zeus hops and a fine selection of malts. Combined with our special US West Coast craft beer yeast, it will produce a highly aromatic beer, bursting with citrus, fruit and pine aromas and a potent bitterness.

Evil Dog American Double IPA –  It has been created around a powerful dose of the American Simcoe and Summit hop varieties and a fine selection of malts, which in combination with our special US West Coast craft beer yeast will produce a true craft beer, with potent bitterness and bursting with aromas of pine and grapefruit. The massive dose of American hop pellets comes in teabag technology of course, for maximum convenience.

Raja’s Reward India Pale Ale – A hoppy and refreshing beer, golden straw coloured, notes of citrus and a hint of tropical fruit. Good body, very crisp and distinct hoppiness. Perfect with spicy food.

Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitter – Malty and rich with a smooth feel and a creamy head. Full bodied and perfectly balanced with a long hoppy finish.

Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza –  A refreshing beer, light in colour, good bitterness, the perfect drink when surrounded by bandidos in the desert. Serve ice cold (never ride out in desert without ice).

Cobnar Wood Northern Brown – Smooth balance between Fuggles hops and the full bodied roasted malt flavours. Hints of chocolate malt with a nutty finish.

Triple Tykes Special Export Ale – Smooth, strong, malty with fruity notes and hints of vanilla and toast. Perfect balance between body and bitterness with a very clean finish.

Hammer of Thor Special Gravity Lager – This strong viking combines a masculine bite with a soft liquid golden touch, good body and refreshing bitterness. Serve cold.



These are ingredients only kits. Equipment is not included.

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Hammer Of Thor Special Gravity Lager, Raja's Reward India Pale Ale, Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza, Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitter, Triple Tykes Special Export Ale, Cobnar Wood Northern Brown, Evil Dog American Double Ipa, Four Finger Jack American Pale Ale, Easter Brew Chocolate Stout, Bad Cat Imperial Red, Strawberry Pale Ale, Yule Brew Cinnamon & Ginger

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