Australian Blend Wine Kit

Australian Blend Wine Kit

Ready in 7 days.

Just add water – NO sugarrequired.

Makes 23 litres of wine.

Advanced ingredients preserve grape qualities.


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The Australian Blend wine kit range uses high quality varietal grape concentrates to create a new world style wine with a minimum of effort in a week. Using modern yeast technology, it is now possible to ferment a wine in a very short time period without losing the qualities of the grape. You don’t need to be an expert winemaker, just mix the ingredients, sit back and wait for a week and you have your 23 litres of new world wine!


Australian Style Red Table Wine – Makes a dark ruby red wine, full bodied with rich tannins. Well balanced acidity and with a taste of the new world Shiraz grape.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Based on the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, this winemaking kit will produce a rich body red with dark ruby colour and complex tannins, harsh in the beginning but maturing beautifully into a perfectly balanced new world red Cabernet Sauvignon. Although this kit can be drunk immediately after the 7 days, we recommend storing it for at least a couple of weeks to give the tannins a chance to blend in.

Merlot – The Merlot grape is similar to the Cabernet Sauvignon, the main difference is that it contains less harsh tannins so this wine is better balanced immediately after it has been made. From the Merlot grape, we get the typical hint of plums and balanced aftertaste. This medium dry Merlot red is a perfect choice to go with most meat dishes.

Australian Style White Table Wine – Our Australian Style White wine kit makes a medium dry table wine, crisp but still very well balanced in its acidity. This is a good choice to go with food, but also on its own.

Chardonnay – The typical slight smokey flavour and aroma of a good Chardonnay comes from storage in small oak barrels. The flavour is a distant citrus with vanilla and oak overtones from the malolactic fermentation. Our Australian Style Chardonnay wine kit has all the right characteristics of a great new world Chardonnay.

Pinot Grigio – Trendiest of the white wines, the Pinot Grigio grape creates a crisp and fruity white with a faint straw colour, hints of ripe melon and berries. The perfect white wine to drink on its own, well chilled.

Merlot Blush Rose – When they created the Merlot Blush, they had set out to make a very fruity, crisp but balanced rose wine. This recipe uses the Merlot grape which adds its typical hints of plum and ripe fruits and berries and we contrast this with a crisp white grape for the main body of the wine. Drink well chilled!



These are ingredients only kits. Equipment is not included.



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