Alcotec VODKA Type Kit

Alcotec VODKA Type Kit

Makes 30 bottles of high alcohol.

No need for distilling.

Just add sugar and water.

Use with anay essence of your choice.

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Makes 30 bottles of high quality half strength (21% ) Swedish Vodka type in 3-5 week.

Alcotec Vodka Type contains all you need.  It based on recent new developments in fermentation technology. Now you can brew your own Vodka type spirits just as simple as making beer or wine !

The Alcotec Vodka Kit has the above specialist ingredients and will produce a full 25 litres of half strength Vodka, just add sugar and water.


This is an ingredients only kits. Equipment is not included.

Weight 830 g
Dimensions 110 × 140 × 180 mm
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