Alcotec Distillers Strain

Alcotec Distillers Strain


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Alcotec Fruit Turbo Yeast (60g) with enzyme contains a pure fermenting distillers strain of yeast which was chosen for its ability to retain many of the important fruit qualities. It also contains an enzyme for breaking down pectins in the fruit which could create a haze problem later. Fast fermenting, perfect for creating home distilled fruit liqueurs.

Alcotec Rum Turbo Yeast (73g) contains both the yeast strain to best promote the fine flavours from your raw materials and the enzyme needed. For grain or molasses based recipes, we have added a GA (glucoamylase) enzyme which breaks down dextrins which are leftovers from the raw materials after fermentation. For grain based recipes, you also need to pre-treat the wash with Alcotec Alpha Amylase Enzyme.

Alcotec Vodka Turbo Yeast (73g) is based on a very pure fermenting yeast strain and contains the necessary GA (gluco amylase) enzyme to break down dextrins left from use of grains, rice etc. If you use this for pure sugar/water washes, it will work just as well but you don’t actually use the enzyme. This turbo is similar to Alcotec VodkaStar but the main difference is that the Alcotec Vodka Turbo is a bit faster and contains enzyme. Note that for grain based recipes, you will also need another enzyme treatment before fermentation to break down starch components. That is best done with Alcotec Alpha Amylase Enzyme.

Alcotec Whisky Turbo Yeast (73g) contains a GA (glucoamylase) enzyme which breaks down dextrins, a by product created when you use grains or molasses in the recipe. The yeast strain itself is particularly well suited for retaining some of the flavours that create a good Whisky. For pure grain based recipes, you need to pre-treat the wash with another enzyme to break down starch into fermentable sugars. The high temperature Alcotec Alpha Amylase enzyme is perfect for this.

Alcotec Single Strain Whisky Yeast (23g )contains a glucoamylase enzyme for handling the dextrins produced when you use grains or molasses as raw material. For grains, you also need to pre-treat the wash with Alcotec Alpha Amylase enzyme. This product is similar to the Alcotec Whisky Turbo which is faster due to a higher dose of both yeast and nutrition. Comes in a 23g sachet, sufficient for 25L.

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