Alcoholometer + Plastic Jar

Alcoholometer + Plastic Jar

These instruments are used to measure the percentage of pure alcohols (vodka, spirits, moonshine).

Scale 0% to 100%.


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Ideal for performing all kinds of measurements as research settings sugar content of wine or beer household appliances and examine the contents % alcohol with alcohol meter.
Buret is ideal for measuring doses, eg. When mixing drinks or for dosing other liquid components.


Scale length – 8.6 cm.

The length scale of 0-50% – 2.4 cm

The length scale of 50-100% – 6.2 cm

Hydrometer Length: 21 cm

Hydrometer Width: 1.6 cm


Capacity: 100 ml

Scale: every 10 ml

Height: 20 cm

Diameter: 2,9cm


Method of measurement:

1.Pour the tested solution into test-tube or another hight vessel.

2.Put the meter into the liquid ( the indicator must not tuch the vessel walls or bottom).

3.After the immersion level has set, read the value.

The tested solution temperature at measurement should be 20°C.


NOTE: The indicator is used for determining alcohol content in vodka which does not contain sugar.

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